We Didn’t Start The Podcast


Episode 17 - #teamsofi (Holiday Special Playlist)

We talk about Kitty Klips, Rewind Comedy, “God Said Eh”, Tennis balls, #teamsofi, Two Christmases by The Santa Doctors, We Didn’t Shart The Podcast, Pauly Shore’s copyright infringement, howler monkeys, Bongo Controlled computer, “Hey How ya Suin’?”, Parapet The Slappa, “Dicknic” by William Inge, Anakin Skyfuckin’, horny floors, Getting to the Topic of Hands, and not getting to the topic at hand until an hour in. That topic? Nic’s pick for the week, a playlist of Holiday specials including the Pee-Wee special, Noel, Mr. Magoo, The Night Before Christmas (with sentient mice), and Garfield! Listen, comment, and share! Next week is a free for all show!

Also, Sofi announces that her next pick is NOT Sophie’s Choice, thereby pissing off all of our listeners. She has no respect for format.


Episode 16 - The Affirmation of Nic by the Coward Robert Ford

We talk about hit singles, making Eric cry, God’s writing credits, Sofi’s social schedule, Ian Can’t Figure It Out, Master Beaters, incriminating evidence, Myspace friends, Obamaphones, Obama Phones, Rock Band FOOOOOOOORRRRREEEEE!, BB-852, Sneazin’ (#401 on the National Pokedex), infinite Mucus Stones, LiveJournal of the Artist as a Young Man by user XjimmyXxXxXjoyceX, Purple America, and When Captain Flint Was A Good Man by Nick Dyback narrated by Nicolas Dressel. We don't have a real topic to talk about this week (obviously) but next week we are watching a playlist of Christmas specials picked by Nic!

Also, Sofi shows her true colors, revealing that she really doesn't care and gets VERY hostile when we point this out to her. A real mean streak, that one.

Episode 15 - We Didn’t Start The Podcast Holiday Special (Star Wars Holiday Special)

We talk about #michiganproblems, snow white privilige, The Democratic Process, Sentient Floormats, interrupting Ian, Eric’s absolute anger, the longest theme song in the world, Dionne Star WarsWick, La Vie Beehive, Inside Hamilton Baseball, City Slickers III, Analyze Deez, the influence of the Holiday Special on Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, our extended recording schedule, hard tack, Forrest Gump, and The Angel Podcast. Also, we talk about Ian’s choice, the CLASSIC Star Wars Holiday Special, which everyone loves. Listen, comment, and share! Next week is a free-for-all, so tune in!

Also, Sofi likes the holiday special, because she is a terrible human being. Seriously. What a contrarian. Look at Armond White over here!