We Didn’t Start The Podcast


Episode 18 - k-19: The Widowcast

A very special episode hosted by Ian and Nic where we talk about Ian trying to hand off the Hosting duties to Nic, Absolut Professionalism, Podcast titles, Ian fails at rhyming schemes, Nic shows off that he paid attention in Classical class, Public Donain, Jacob Casper, Cults, Cal Cu Lator, JJ Abrams, Jar Jar Jars, Ian singin’ Show Tunes, ABBA Slut Professionalism, Applebee's, Sofi's obsession with Kylo Ren, and more! This isn't your Mommas We Didn't Start The Podcast! In fact, it's actually "SPOILER ALERT FOR STAR WARS EPISODE SEVEN AND LOST STARS Boss Vs. Boss - We Didn’t Start The Podcast: The Subcast (k-19: The Widowcast) Presents reSTARt WARS On Ice (But Only the Thin Kind) GOES PLAID". Thanks for waiting through the holiday break, and we will be back on schedule starting next week with Episode 19 and the whole crew!!

Also, Sofi wasn't even here for this podcast. Like, what the hell Sofi. You think you can just NOT show up???