We Didn’t Start The Podcast


Episode 19: Go Nuts for Bro Nuts ™

We talk about Billy Joel Armstrong, Sherrie Snowskin, Trajectory Talk, going with Eric’s instincts, offending The Gays, Paint The Troubled Curve of Your Wagon, Micro Softies, Aly & AJ, the payphone in the Best Buy, Finger-Gunning the Audio Medium, berating the listeners, that movie on a Train with Jake Gyllenhaal, moment of silence for Breast Cancer, mansplaining, Nerds Making Lists: The Podcast, 80-90 minutes of gold each week, and film masterpiece Unstoppable. We don’t have a topic in particular this week, so we’ll be back soon with… Clue! (Yeah, I know I said that last week, but things are backed up here at We Didn’t Start The Headquarters)

Also, Sofi admits that she is the Mary Sue of the podcast. I already know that though thanks to Max Landis. THANKS MAX. YOUR CONTRIBUTION WAS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. CLEARLY NO SARCASM INTENDED.