We Didn’t Start The Podcast


Episode 25 - Dude, I’m Finally Getting Adele…

We talk about Del Taco, Del Close, Del Amitri, asking what a Donna Meechi is, Wisconsin Dogs vs. Wisconsin Cats, Hedwig’s Theme, Harry Truman, LesBeyonce, Gas Powered Hashtag Machines, the small computer in Ian’s Pocket (aka his Penis), the talking dog in Ian’s head, DeGriefi: The Next Generation, airing dirty laundry on air, finally starting the REAL podcast, Gollums, Golems, The Andy Circus, cocaine habits, Mall of Hirrors, and The Gaza Strip. It’s our first podcast back in the New Season, so look forward to all sorts of goodies coming to you from us at WDSTP!!! Next week we’re talking about Tank Girl!

Also Sofi starts the Podcast but soon later derails The Podcast. On our first episode back, no less! #forshame