We Didn’t Start The Podcast


Episode 20 - Are You There Comedy? It’s Us, Margaret

March 3, 2016

We talk about J.R.R. Token, Eric uninvited, Vagina Hypnosis, Ian’s got the power, Pizza On Demand (P.O.D.), Arianna Wookieeton and Wookieeton Post, Wookiee Podcast Weekly, Rappin’ Ronald Raygun, Citizen Jizz, “I Draw The Line (When It Comes To Spooge)” by Johnny Gash, SAT Techniques with Sofija Dutcher, Mr. Lucky Stars, Afterhand Records, Artists in The Wire, Massage Keyboard, Crossover with John Edwards, Eminem and M&Ms, Laugh-Type Pokemon, Hot Eye, Ian losing his shit, The Chocolate War, I Can’t Believe Captain Flint Is Still A Good Man, Channel AAAAAAAAGH, The Penis Comics, and Baseball (Kinda)! We don’t have a topic for this week, so it’s just an insane Free-for-all. We’ll be back next week with our look at the movie Clue! Also, expect a bonus episode coming soon (to try and make up a bit for all those missed weeks). 

Also, Sofi finally admits that she is the Token Girl, and that she is using Vagina Hypnosis for nefarious means. I CALLED IT.