We Didn’t Start The Podcast


Episode 22 - Say Whatcha Need To Say (Clue)

March 18, 2016

EP. 22 - We talk about the weather, The Great Gazoo, How Not To Be Successful at the We Didn’t Start The Podcast Podcast, dusty tomes, Nic “No-And” Dressel, Professor Puce, don’t talk about Stay Tuned!, Stocksquire, Cosby vs. Cosby, Mixed Martial Dramatic Arts, The Puddle-nator, Pirate Podcasting, Poop humor, Chastity Belt, everything I do is about Finesse Mitchell, Pete Fetuson, Teej’s Loose Thirty, Tight 5 2 Furious, Nic is a Boob, Eric’s boob closet, Super Intend, Make This Podcast Great Again, Hilary Clinton masks, My Nerdy Dark Twisted Fantasy, Blue Malls, Say Whatcha Need to Say, Ian’s Bucket List, ALLEGEDLY, John Peters Parker, Andy Rooney’s Life Hacks, Falcon allergies, we can’t wait for I Can’t Wait for The Podcast, Illegal falconry, Clue; Making A Murderer Edition, Ian’s Internet Porner, and Madeline Kahn is dead. It was Sofi’s choice and she picked Sofie’s Choice finally. We were all eagerly awaiting it and the day finally came. So we talk at length a- what? We didn’t…- She didn’t pick Sofie’s Choice? Sofi’s choice was… Clue? Oh. Well, in that case… I guess we talk about Clue!

Also Sofi completely dismisses Eric and his strange absence. I’ve never liked her more.